Geek Review: Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfort is important when you’re at the desk all day, be it dealing a death blow to a boss monster or finishing up your daily tasks for work. As the norm shifts to a work-from-home lifestyle, there’s an increased focus on building a full-fledged, functional set-up for both productivity and play, with peripherals like keyboards, mice, headphones, and webcams taking centre stage as the key players.

But there’s one element missing from the equation, and that’s the chair one sits on while carrying out their day-to-day activities. Dining room chairs are a no no for extended use, and while off-the-rack models are enough to get the job done for short periods of use, there’s something missing. Meanwhile, gaming-centric builds might come with specific aesthetics and features that are befitting of the gaming status, but they are huge and not always the easiest to handle. 

That leaves premium office chairs, the often neglected cousin with ergonomics as the bedrock of functionality. As gaming chairs continue to climb up the rungs of popularity, Ergomeister rises to the challenge with the FAEZ8ERG Ergonomic Office Chair and demonstrates why it, and other models of its kind on the market, are here to stay – particularly so in today’s work-from-home landscape.

Cutting a black-hued, minimalistic silhouette, the FAEZ8ERG boasts a polished aluminum flourish that flows from the rear to the base, immediately establishing itself as a chair designed for long hours of sitting. The chair lacks the usual bells and whistles of its gaming counterparts, with the sturdy curvature lending itself more to functional support than aesthetic pleasure, even if it does add a little tackiness to the overall presentation that’s not the most subtle – the surface easily catches light and gives off a flare one can see from a distance away. 

The density of this frame also means the chair both looks and is bottom-heavy. Compared to conventional builds, the FAEZ8ERG comes across as rather bulky, and users may find that it more difficult to push off their toes and glide over to their desks. There’s also a little more tension detected in the base stand when the wheels are in motion, likely caused by the extra weight. 

But let’s be honest here: nobody buys office chairs for aesthetic reasons. Ergomeister makes up for its modest design with a slate of ergonomic features, which is its greatest triumph here, despite the hefty S$899 price tag.

It all starts from the comfortable mesh material surrounding the back and sitting areas. Unlike the heat-trapping nature of leather chairs, the FAEZ8ERG offers respectable ventilation in humid and warm climates, with the heat only creeping in after hours of consecutive use. While not 100 percent free of trapped heat, it reduces the number of instances where one has to stand up and “air” the seat, bringing greater comfort to long gaming or working sessions.

As the seat offers above-average bounce and tension, users who are more accustomed to a softer, less flexible surface may take a little while to break into the change. An option to adjust the tension would have been welcome, but this is a small difference one can easily get over with time.

A standout feature here is the dynamic lumbar support that encourages a good, natural sitting posture by fitting one’s spine curvature to the cut of the chair. Tucked slightly above the seat cushion, it sports a gently convex profile that looks slightly uncomfortable at first glance. The plush, springy sensation proves that wrong, however, with the curve doing a competent, gentle job of cradling the lower back that reduces overall tension. The difference is best felt if one has the habit of leaning forward to squint at the screen, resulting in tense shoulders and increased pressure on the lower back. 

Going up the spine of the chair yields a headrest that can be adjusted up to an additional 10cm in height, so users are able to bring it forward and backwards to provide support to the back of the head. 

The accompanying backrest further elevates the ergonomic experience. Apart from vertical alignment adjustments, it also offers a wide recline range of up to 135 degrees, allowing users to easily lock in the best position for their needs. At full recline, relaxation proves comfortable and firmly secure, but it’s not the perfect set-up though, as the backrest is affixed to a high-tension system, and the act of leaning back will require more push force than usual, so more diminutive individuals may find it difficult to transition into maximum tilt smoothly. 

Those aren’t the only adjustable features in store, however. As with most chairs on the market, the FAEZ8ERG offers armrests and a seat height that can be tailored to the user’s preference. In contrast to the industry norm of two-directional adjustments, Ergomeister has packed in three-way functionality: up-and-down, inward-and-outward, and front-and-back. 

The second feature, in particular, is a welcome addition, as it can come in handy for both passive and active use. Pushing the armrests back, for instance, makes typing and gaming more comfortable, while bringing them forward is preferred for watching entertainment content. 

A slight drawback here is the lack of a mechanism to lock them in place. As such, there may be instances where the armrests are unintentionally shifted out of position due to subconscious actions, such as gripping onto the armrests during intense fighting sequences or cliffhangers in shows. 

The seat, meanwhile, continues to defy industry conventions. Where most models ship with a stationary cushion that can be lowered or lifted, the FAEZ8ERG also includes the option to slide in and out for full thigh support, courtesy of a ‘waterfall edge’ design. All of these controls can be accessed via a panel at the side of the chair, with the labels present on their respective tabs. One thing to note, though, is that the seat cushion might be a little too high for shorter individuals, even at the lowest height. 

The company’s services are worth noting as well. Apart from a 60-day trial period with a free return and refund policy for customers, there’s even a one-hour urgent delivery service if you need the chair instantly. For the cash-strapped, the instalment paying method serves to alleviate the financial burden.

At a S$899 premium, Ergomeister’s newest offering isn’t the most accessible option, especially for those who are only looking for basic ergonomics and comfort in their office chairs. Considering the FAEZ8ERG’s fine balance of functionality and comfort, however, the price tag is very much well-warranted, with an unbelievable 15-year warranty bringing longevity to the mix.



Seeking that elusive mix of performance, quality, and feature-rich comfort is no mean feat, but it’s all in the day’s work for the FAEZ8ERG Ergonomic Office Chair. A premium offering that may not be on the wishlist of more budget-conscious individuals, it’s well-worth the investment with little fault to boot. 

  • Aesthetics - 7/10
  • Build Quality - 8.5/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 8.5/10

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