Geek Review - Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Geek Review – Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

For those that have been longing for a return to classic Japanese role-playing experiences, there has certainly been a resurgence in the genre, with the likes of Tales of Arise and Edge of Eternity. However, if gameplay from the beloved Suikoden series is more your cup of tea, then Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is going to scratch that itch. But before that, a prelude in the form of Rabbit & Bear Studios, Natsume Atari, and 505 Games action RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising has arrived, and it paves the way for more to come in the future, both good and bad.

Taking place on the continent of Allraan, players are invited to the small mining town of New Neveah on the pretext of treasure hunting, only to be dragged into a whirlwind of political intrigue, action-packed adventures, and town management set against a backdrop of character development and worldbuilding. 

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With the peace of New Neveah and perhaps, even the world, in the balance, it is up to the plucky heroine, CJ, to save the day. As she continues on her quest to find the biggest treasure of her life, CJ will be joined by two other heroes in the form of mercenary Garoo and stand-in mayor Isha.

Each of these characters, alongside the many NPCs found in the town, has their own stories to tell, and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising does a good job of ensuring players immerse themselves fully into the lives of the townsfolk, especially so for the trio taking centre-stage.

Geek Review - Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Characters take centre stage

The often hilarious CJ is the clear glue that holds everything together, chiming in with witty observations and charging ahead with optimism, while Garoo’s sullen nature hides a kind soul whose secrets are kept close to his chest. The party is rounded off by Isha, a young magic wielder that has too many responsibilities hoisted upon her, but is doing everything she can to make it work.

Throughout the time spent in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, players will peel off the layers of these characters and their backstories, and the measured approach taken by the developers set things up quite nicely for when these characters will eventually appear in the series.

Outside of the narrative, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a mixture of platforming and combat, with some rudimentary puzzles thrown in for good measure. The 2.5D visuals are definitely eye-catching, with the character sprites standing out against the more modern backgrounds, creating a distinction that looks good both moving and standing still.

Geek Review - Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Combat is fast and action-packed

As players embark on side-scrolling trips to the various dungeons, the enemies get tougher, there are more resources to gather, and the world starts opening up once the ability to overcome certain elemental obstacles is obtained. 

This can be in the form of abilities inherent to the trio, with CJ being nimble with her dash, Garoo being able to destroy large rocks and enemy shields, and Isha the perfect counter to magical foes and obstacles. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising also eschews the familiar formula of party combat for singular combat, but allows players to switch between the three at will, rewarding them with powerful Link Attacks with perfect timing.

Characters will also gain the ability to add elemental effects later on in the game, powered by Rune Lenses, which adds another layer to the rock-paper-scissors elemental mechanics found in combat. Add to that accessories that can further provide enhancements to your abilities, and there is a certain degree of depth for those who want to dive deeper.

Geek Review - Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Boss fights galore

Eliminating the many enemies (many of which are just palette swaps) as well as harvesting the many resources found in the environment works to not just empower the party with precious XP, but also figures prominently into the town-building aspect of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Items drop from slain foes, while others are obtained by striking their source, be it rocks, trees, crystals and the like.

By amassing the right materials and the money needed, the town of New Neveah will grow from being in ruins to a lively beacon of hope, full of amenities and needy residents that players will need to get familiar with.

The former can enhance your combat abilities, open up new tools that make harvesting rarer materials easier, and even give a character a timely stats boost with a hot meal. As for the latter, the residents’ requests form the basics of a quest system that brings rewards of money, XP, and rare items every once in a while, with completion almost mandatory if you are looking to maximise the potential of our heroes. 

These quests often do not go beyond fetching the right items or talking to the right people, it is not exactly a taxing affair, but it fits perfectly well into the gameplay loop that is at the core of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, especially for repetitive quests that just require conversations with townsfolk, and RNG can be a factor when seeking rare materials. The game will require players to constantly run through the same few areas for these quests alongside the main narrative, so you have been warned.

Nevertheless, beyond the less-than-ideal quest structure and repeated enemies, there is actually much to admire about Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. The action is great, the characters likeable, and the town-building elements are simply addictive, and the fact that it functions as part of a larger picture for the series makes the game unmissable for fans longing for the good old days. Of course, there is still the problem of too much unimpressive filler content, but it is not enough to overshadow an action RPG worth checking out in 2022.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will be available on the PSN Store on May 11.



Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising does its job quite perfectly as a prequel to the larger Eiyuden series, giving us a taste of the goodness to come for the JRPG genre.

  • Gameplay - 7.5/10
  • Story - 8.5/10
  • Presentation - 8.5/10
  • Value - 8/10