Geek Review – Beyond: Two Souls

The PlayStation 3 has been enjoying some truly stunning exclusives in recent memory. Naughty Dog brought us The Last of Us in June, and now Quantic Dream, the folks that brought us the 2010 hit Heavy Rain has whipped up yet another story-telling masterpiece, worthy of a swan song for the PS3, with PS4’s imminent release in a month or two. Instead of writing a full blown review, here’s an easier to absorb, list of 8 reasons to buy the game, so that you can make a quick decision to head to the nearest game store and grab a copy to experience it for yourself!


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8 reasons to buy the game

First of all, it’s not a game for everyone. You would need to set your expectations right, that it’s more of a beautiful interactive movie, where you are constantly making choices that will determine the eventual outcome of the protagonist. It is NOT the run-of-mill action adventure, shooter, FPS game like the 101 others out in the market. So exactly what genre best describes Beyond: Two Souls? I’d have to go with an interactive drama action-adventure video game, and here are 8 reasons to buy the game:

  1. With Oscar nominees Ellen Page and Willen Dafoe playing their parts masterfully in the game, you can find some of the best voice acting and character animation gaming has to offer.
  2. Top-notch story-telling, Hollywood-style action sequences, gorgeous graphics, high production values. Need I say more? This could probably make 4 reasons instead of 1.
  3. The is no “Game Over”. That’s right, your protagonist will never hit a dead end, or die. Every decision or failure will just lead you to a different story branch.
  4. Quantic Dream developed an all-new engine for the game meant for the PS4, but realized they could adapt it for the PS3. So you can expect stunning visuals and physics in this game like no other (until PS4 comes along that is).
  5. There are 23 endings to the game, so you’ll probably find yourself playing through all the different choices and watching the different outcomes, to score that Gold Trophy for “All Endings”, for the completionist geek in you.
  6. As you play through the 15 years of Jodie’s (the protagonist, Ellen Page) life, non-chronologically, you’ll be drawn into her character, and feel her every emotion. You’d even find yourself tearing along with her in some scenes. Just to be clear, I didn’t tear, but I’m pretty sure some would feel tears welling up.
  7. You get to play the game with a friend! Although it’s more like taking turns to play, where one player will take control of Jodie, while the other will play as Aiden (Who is Aiden you ask? Well, you’ll have to play the game to find out).
  8. Anyone can play the game. Quantic Dream developed a free iOS & Android app for smartphone users to control Jodie & Aiden. Aptly named “Beyond Touch”, the app allows even non-gamer friends the opportunity to join in the fun without having to fumble with the PS3 analog controller.


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Many would say that Beyond is not a game, because majority of the gameplay revolves around simply tapping on a certain button, or pressing buttons in a specific sequence as shown on screen. For a seasoned gamer like myself, the game does come across as a tad too simplistic. But for a game such as this, it’s the story-telling that draws you in, to the point where you start to feel an emotional attachment to the characters. Just think of it as a 10 – 12 hour interactive movie.  So sit back, and enjoy this masterpiece for what its meant to be, and you won’t be disappointed.



Just think of it as a 10 – 12 hour interactive movie, so sit back, and enjoy this masterpiece for what its meant to be, and you won’t be disappointed

  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Story - 10/10
  • Presentation - 9.6/10
  • Value - 9/10
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