XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the best game from 2012 and for this week only, the fence sitters will finally be able to give the game a go.

If you were to start now and download the game from Steam, you could complete the game on Easy mode over the weekend. However, the real challenge in the game would be its Classic Ironman mode where decisions are permanent and lives are precious because there’s no reload function after a bad decision. XCOM: Enemy Unknown belongs to an era of gaming where difficulty is a celebrated feature and wearing the scars of battle would be a medal of honour.

xcom enemy unknown

At the same time, if XCOM is not really to your liking, 2K games is having a publishers weekend on Steam as well. Newly released titles such as Civilization V: Brave New World would be going for 33% off.

BioShock Infinite, another Game of the Year in the FPS circle, is currently on sale at 33% as well. If you cannot wait until Christmas to grab this title, there’s no better time than the present. Do check out our review if you are not convinced.

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