Geek Review: 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Stan Lee Cameo Figure

Welcome true believers!

First revealed at the NYCC 2019 (New York Comic Con) in October 2019, the late Stan “The Man” Lee is finally immortalized as a Marvel Legends Series 6-inch action figure. This figure also celebrates 80 years of Marvel Comics and is inspired by his cameo appearance as a skeptical chess player in 2012’s Marvel’s The Avengers.

The Stan Lee cameo figure comes packaged in a highly collectible packaging. The window display has his “Stan Lee” signature printed in white, across the middle and the sides feature a stylized “EXCELSIOR!” in silver foil print, accompanied by his signature in white as well.

Inside the box, the figure comes with two accessories, a chessboard and a Captain America shield with “Stan Lee” printed across the front. Hasbro has definitely done a great job with the face sculpt for this one. From Stan’s gold-framed shades to his hair, moustache and detailed wrinkles, this is The Man in a box. This is a toy figurine based on the one guy credited as the author responsible as the father of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Which made us wonder if there were any details with his eyes hidden under those shades. Out of curiosity, even though the figure isn’t designed to have his shades removed, we just had to take a closer look. Lo and behold, the print/paint detail of his eyes were absolutely brilliant too.

The figure’s right is clearly molded to hold the shield, while the left hand is for holding the chessboard in two ways.

Hasbro also molded a pair of shiny black leather shoes for Stan Lee. Unfortunately, for some reason, the holes at the base of the figure’s feet seem a tad shallower than usual, which poses a problem when trying to fix it to a figure base for posing.

Taking a closer look at the shield, the metallic blue, silver and red are beautifully applied, and Stan Lee’s signature scrawled across the surface in black. It was an odd choice to have a thin white border applied to it though. It’s a personal taste, but it would probably have looked better with just black ink. The chessboard on the other hand, is simply a plain light brown case, with a pair of gold buckle detailing. Other than that, there isn’t much else. It can’t be opened up. Still one cannot help but wonder why Stan would sign the shield with his name. Wouldn’t it make sense to maybe put, Excelsior!

All in all, Hasbro has done a wonderful job with this tribute to Stan Lee. From the gorgeous packaging and finishes to the brilliant face sculpt and generous use of Stan Lee’s iconic signature throughout. The 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Stan Lee Cameo Figure is out in stores now.

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