Free DLC Comes To Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order In Celebration Of Star Wars Day

It wouldn’t be Star Wars Day if one of the best video games in the franchise didn’t get involved, now, would it? Good news for fans of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as Respawn Entertainment has announced a slew of free DLCs that are available for download now, for the grand total of free.

First and foremost, the long-awaited New Game Plus mode is available, allowing players to experience the journey of Cal Kestis once more, with the challenge rating of enemies cranked up to 11. Of course, this mode allows any form of progression in skill trees, unlocked secret locations and cosmetics to be carried over.

Speaking of cosmetics, Cal and his droid buddy BD-1 will be getting new skins, including the slick, sinister “Inquisitor Cal” skin, which turns the game’s main protagonist to the Dark Side… visually, at least, which is still pretty damn cool.

Two new gameplay modes have also been added to this beefy DLC. Combat Challenges put players’ skills and knowledge of the game’s combat system to the test by way of a series of arena-based combat encounters that progressively get harder, with specific achievements for each challenge that dial up the difficulty even more, should playerschoose to fulfill them.

The Battle Grid essentially allows players to customise their own challenges by placing enemies on a grid. It is not known yet whether Battle Grids can be shared among other players a la Super Mario Maker 2, however, which would make it interesting as there is potential here for players to issue challenges to others.

While we’re still waiting for the sequel to Star Wars Jed: Fallen Order, this huge (not to mention free) update may yet whet our appetites till then.