Five Things We Learned From Zack Snyder’s Livestream About His Version of Justice League

On the fourth anniversary of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder took to Vero to livestream the movie, providing commentary every now and then to help answer some lingering questions audiences might have and to help give a little more trivia on what his version of the Justice League could have been.

Jimmy Olsen’s Death 

One of the details Snyder clarified was on Jimmy Olsen, who was unceremoniously shot dead in the film. As it turns out, the Olsen we see on screen is actually a CIA agent pretending to be the photojournalist for an undercover mission. The director also reconfirmed the death and made it clear that Olsen will not be making another appearance in the DCEU movies as it will go against his idea of the film. 

“Jimmy has never really been involved … People always ask me if he’s dead. Do we see it again? I do not think so,” Snyder explained,

Superman’s Dying Screams

Another interesting tidbit Snyder revealed was that Superman’s dying scream, when stabbed by Doomsday at the end of the movie, would be heard around the universe, including worlds beyond our galaxy. It will end up inadvertently waking up the dormant Mother Boxes, and inform Apokolips that there are no Kryptonians on Earth. 

Batman’s Knightmare Sequence

The director believes that Barry Allen was the one responsible for putting Bruce Wayne to sleep and sending him into the Knightmare sequence. It showed Bruce Wayne a future in which Batman is leading a resistance against a rogue Superman who turned evil after the death of Lois Lane. Snyder added Allen did that using the Cosmic Treadmill, with his aim to let Bruce Wayne know what’ll happen if Lois Lane was killed, but the latter would only view it as a premonition and not an alternate timeline. 

Snyder’s Five-Film Arc

According to Snyder, if he had gotten his five-film run, it would have featured a conversation in which Bruce Wayne was actually the one chosen to go back in time. He also revealed that there were two actual possibilities on where he could have been sent back in the timeline, though that was not elaborated on. 

Who Sent Barry Allen Back In Time?

Lastly, Snyder also shared that Barry Allen/The Flash had received help from Cyborg to travel back in time. Though he asserts that Barry would have wanted Cyborg to send him to a different point in time as he felt that his meeting with Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman happened too soon. 

As far as we can tell, Snyder’s version of Justice League would have definitely built upon the groundworks he had laid in Batman v. Superman, though sadly we never managed to see it released in theatres. However, the campaign for the release of the Snyder Cut remains strong and with any luck, we might actually get to see it released one day.

Speaking of which, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut remains as popular as ever.