Five Mind-Blowing Highlights From The Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

After the success of her first standalone film, Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the most highly anticipated movies coming out next year. The trailer just dropped over the weekend and it gave us a good feel for the tone of the entire movie.

The ’80s was a funky time, and everything from the music to the bright colours screams that, and although we get a good look at Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) herself, it definitely leaves us with more questions than answers.

Regardless, here are five of the best highlights from the latest Wonder Woman 1984 trailer.

Her New Costumes

As mentioned, the ’80s was a time of bright colours and this is very apparent from Wonder Woman’s costume. Her costume now donned with bright red, gold and blue, really pops onscreen and pays homage to the classic comic book look yet takes on a more ’80s feel with her Amazonian-style wedges.

Towards the end of the trailer, we see the full gold metal armour featured in the initial poster and now she has wings! This costume is a brilliant design straight from the Kingdom Come comic book and as seen in the trailer, makes her impervious to artillery fire.

Steve Trevor Is Back

Throughout the trailer, the watch that Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) gave to Diana at the end of the first film before his heroic sacrifice, is referenced. It sits next to a black and white photograph of Diana at a ranch named after him, just to really hit you in the feels. Just before we see Steve, the trailer shows a clip of him placing a watch in her hand.

It’s not clear how Steve is back from the dead and not aged one bit since the last film which was set in 1918. This could be a Captain American situation all over again where he makes a narrow escape and somehow becomes a human popsicle or something more sinister could be at play.

Crazy Action Scenes

It’s been a hot minute since the last time we saw Diana and this trailer is really trying to show off her skills. With some wicked slow-motion scenes, Wonder Woman’s skills have greatly improved since her last movie and fans even get to see a wider repertoire of moves from the Amazonian princess herself.

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman is now using all her gadgets to their fullest potential as we see her fling her tiara like a boomerang but what steals the show is her Lasso of Truth. According to the filmmakers, they tried to use very little special effects but yet we see Diana grappling onto ledges, taking out bad guys and even lassoing lightning.

To be fair, she is the daughter of Zeus and in the last film, she used lightning to annihilate Ares. Also, her flying around with lightning is another aspect straight from the comics. But this is still crazy, even for comic book physics laws.

Invisible Jet

Speaking of crazy comic book physics, hold on to your hats people because we think the Invisible Jet will make its appearance (so to speak) in the film. There’s a scene with Diana and Steve together in a plane staring up at the sky while there are fireworks all around them, which hints at the possibility of the jet.

Wonder Woman 1984

What really makes us believe it though is the scene of her running through the streets and right after the flashback to Themyscira, she uses her lasso to grapple on to something. But there’s nothing there. Looking closely at the frame, it seems as though shes clinging on to thin air and yet still being pulled forward.

The Baddies

Any superhero is only as good as their villains and in this movie, we’ll see two. The first is Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) who, in the comics, has the ability to telepathically control people which may explain why White House security is attacking Wonder Woman. It could be that in her hunt for Maxwell, he uses other people to attack her, discrediting her in the eyes of the public.

The next one is Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) who appears to be really friendly with Diana at the beginning of the film and even a little awkward. Although we don’t see Cheetah’s full transformation. We get a good look at her through the new movie posters and later on in the trailer where she shows up and appears more confident and a little wilder.

There are still plenty of gaps and secrets for fans to discover in Wonder Woman 1984 and we can’t wait to see the gorgeous Gal Gadot in all her Amazonian glory. It would be great to see Cheetah in her full look before the release, but it might be a nice surprise for when you’re actually in the cinema. Mark your calendars, Wonder Woman 1984 premieres, June 4 2020!