Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

First Six Final Fantasy Getting Pixel Remaster Treatment On PC & Mobile

With E3 2021 underway, there have been plenty of awesome game announcements and reveals. However, for old-school roleplaying game fans, there can be no better news than what was shown off at Square Enix‘s presentation. The publisher is prepping for the release of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, which will remaster the first six mainline games for Steam, Android, and iOS.

Each game will be launched individually, and will all undergo a “pixel-perfect makeover.” What that means could be anyone’s guess. However, it is likely that we will still have that gorgeous pixel art as part of the package. Improving on those for modern gamers will definitely be a good thing.

The only things fans will have to worry about is release dates. Square Enix has not dated the games in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series. The company is, however, looking to make these happen soon.

Fingers crossed everyone, the good old RPGs are making a modern comeback.