Eidos Montreal’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Looks Worryingly Similar To Marvel’s Avengers

Back in August 2020, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics introduced to the world their vision of Marvel’s Avengers, the live-service game that brought everyone’s favourite heroes to life. Unfortunately, it was a less-than-stellar affair, and fans are still forgivably disgruntled today. Now, Eidos Montreal is taking a swing with the newly revealed Guardians of the Galaxy at E3 2021. Cue the uncertainty and fear.

Instead of focusing on the Avengers, players will be joining up with the less uptight group that patrols the galaxies. And based on what Eidos has shared, there might just be hope yet for the Guardians of the Galaxy game.

First off, it is going to be an entirely single-player experience with no add-on DLC or microtransactions in sight. The game will take place several years after a huge war. The freshly assembled group has their work cut out for them.

Players will take on the role of Star-Lord/Peter Quill, and enjoy the de facto third-person action-adventure. Guardians of the Galaxy will include the rest of the crew as AI companions, helping you in the fight against whatever threat there may be.

According to Eidos Montreal, making choices will be a big part of the Guardians of the Galaxy experience. As the leader, you will have to make decisions that will impact the story. Expect to have firefights aplenty, colourful worlds to explore, crazy enemies, and of course, 80s music to enjoy.

The lessons of Marvel’s Avengers would have been invaluable to Square Enix and Eidos Montreal. While this new game will certainly feel like a fresh start, it remains to be seen if fans can truly get on board following the disaster that was its predecessor.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord/Peter Quill

Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be launching this coming October 26 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.