Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Your Front-Row Ticket To Capturing Concerts Like A Pro

In this moment now, capture it, remember it.

Every concert goer touts a smartphone to capture the best moments of a live performance, but none can deliver that up close and personal experience quite like the game-changing Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Don’t take our word for it – just look at the amazing photos of Taylor Swift we captured during her recent Eras Tour in Singapore. Dance away like you’re 22 at your favourite concert, knowing you can never be disappointed with blurry phone pictures again. 

Taylor Swift Concert Shot By Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

At Taylor Swift’s recent Eras Tour in Singapore, we used the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to record some of the highlights from her first concert, and from where we were seated in Cat 1 (Section 114), we managed to capture some of the key moments using just 20x zoom.

Taylor Swift Concert Shot By Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Capturing the perfect concert moment on a smartphone has always been a challenge, especially since event spaces have prohibited the use of regular digital cameras on their premises. However, technological advances have made smartphone cameras on par with digital cameras, which means consumers can literally have the power of a point-and-shoot with their trusted communication device.  

Taylor Swift Concert Shot By Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Samsung has elevated mobile photography to unprecedented heights. AI doesn’t just enhance image quality, it offers solutions for common concert photography challenges, including shaky hands and blur, ensuring that even at high zoom levels, images remain crisp and clear. 

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 Ultra harnesses the power of AI through its ProVisual Engine, a sophisticated suite designed to optimise camera performance. With features like AI Zoom, super HDR, and enhanced slow-mo video capabilities, this phone is equipped to capture the vibrancy and energy of live performances. 

Breaking the mould for zoom technology, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts meticulously refined hardware that complements its AI-powered software for best concert shots, ensuring you capture every moment in stunning detail, no matter where you’re seated. Featuring a Quad Tele System with a 5x optical zoom lens and 50MP sensor, it prioritises detail in closer shots compared to the 10x zoom of previous models. This shift shines at concerts, capturing clear photos even at 30x zoom, with AI further enhancing them. Additionally, the phone boasts exceptional clarity across all zoom levels, thanks to its Adaptive Pixel Sensor, maintaining remarkable detail even at 100x with digital zoom. Thus, fans can relive their favourite concert moments through photos that feel as real and immersive as being there.

IVE Concert Shot By Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

At IVE’s recent concert in Singapore, we were able to capture stunning visuals at 15x zoom.

Stadium lighting conditions, often dim or inconsistent, posed no obstacle for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Its Nightography feature ensures that every photo and video, regardless of zoom, shines brightly, capturing every detail vividly. The device’s larger pixel size – 60% larger than previous generations of Galaxy S series – further enhances its ability to gather light in low-light environments, ensuring your concert memories are as vibrant as the live experience.

Creating fancams becomes effortlessly spectacular as well. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cameras, both front and back, use smart technology to reduce graininess and figure out who’s moving: the person filming or the subject in the video. This clever feature greatly improves video quality, even in dim light or from a distance, by effectively cutting down on the fuzziness. Essentially, it ensures users can capture crisp, clear videos without the usual blur or noise. 

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s lightweight design, weighing just 233g, is perfect for concert-goers attending shows that can last three hours or more. Its comfortable yet durable build allows for easy recording and enjoyment of live performances without the hassle. Importantly, this phone’s camera performance shines not only through its native apps but also enhances video and photo quality on popular social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. This integration ensures that whether fans are capturing moments directly or sharing them in real-time on social media, the content remains crisp, clear, and vibrant. 

Samsung’s commitment to innovation is further highlighted by the integration of new AI features across its device range. From April 2024, older models, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series, will receive Galaxy AI enhancements, ensuring that even users of previous generations can enjoy the latest advancements in AI technology. This rollout exemplifies Samsung’s dedication to enhancing the user experience across its ecosystem, making every Galaxy device a gateway to reliving your favourite concert moments.

Capturing the perfect concert photo requires a blend of the right gear and technique, especially at dynamic events like a Taylor Swift concert. From our experience, shooting from different locations – Category 5, Section 614 on the first day, and the much closer Category 1, Section 114 on the second – offered unique challenges and advantages.

Taylor Swift seating plan

In Category 5, the distance meant relying on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s zoom capabilities, to capture sharp images, with the help of its AI enhanced features. The key here was stability.– holding the phone steady can drastically improve shot quality when zooming in from a height. Lighting conditions change rapidly during concerts, so adjusting exposure settings on the fly is crucial. 

Conversely, in Category 1, proximity to the action minimised the need for zoom, allowing for more detailed and vibrant shots as Taylor Swift was much closer. Here, the focus shifted to timing and framing – anticipating moments and composing shots that captured the energy and emotion of the performance. The pace of action is swift, pun intended, so using burst mode to capture a series of shots ensured I didn’t miss a beat. 

Regardless of your seat, experimenting with angles and perspectives can add variety to your concert photo collection, from wide shots that encompass the stage and audience to close-ups that reveal the intensity of the performance. Ultimately, understanding the strengths of your position and adjusting your shooting strategy accordingly can lead to stunning concert photos that encapsulate the thrill of the live music experience.

With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra proving its mettle at the concerts of IVE and Taylor Swift, it sets a new standard for capturing live music moments. Upcoming concerts in Singapore offer the perfect backdrop to put this device to the test:

1) Bruno Mars (3, 5, 6 April)

Bruno Mars Concert

Bruno Mars is set to electrify Singapore with a trio of performances at the National Stadium on 3, 5, and 6 April. Returning for the first time since his 2018’s 24K Magic World Tour, the celebrated American artist, known for his multi-platinum hits, is expected to deliver an unforgettable show. 

For concert-goers, capturing the high points of Mars’ performance offers a thrilling challenge, especially when it comes to shooting from different vantage points. From the stands, fans have the unique opportunity to capture the grandeur of the stage and the energy of the crowd. Aiming for wide shots during iconic songs like Just The Way You Are and Uptown Funk can encapsulate the collective excitement. 

Meanwhile, being closer to the stage or in the standing area allows for more intimate shots, focusing on Mars’ dynamic expressions and interactions with the audience. Timing is crucial – anticipate moments of high energy or emotional intensity, such as the opening notes of Leave The Door Open from his Silk Sonic project with Anderson .Paak. Regardless of where you’re shooting from, experimenting with different angles and focusing on key performance highlights will ensure you capture Bruno Mars’ unforgettable show in all its glory.

2) ITZY (6 April)

ITZY Concert

ITZY is set to dazzle Singapore once again with their 2nd World Tour <BORN TO BE> on 6 April. Following their successful first world tour <CHECKMATE>, the dynamic K-pop girl group returns after a year, this time gracing the larger stage of Singapore Indoor Stadium. With their recent release, the eighth mini album Born To Be in January 2024, featuring the hit single Untouchable, ITZY promises an electrifying performance. 

For those in the stands, consider focusing on capturing the group’s elaborate choreography and stage lighting. The elevated view is perfect for wide shots that show ITZY’s formation changes and interaction with the entire venue, embodying the concert’s atmosphere. If you’re closer to the stage or in the standing area, aim for those moments of close interaction between the members and the audience. The proximity allows for detailed shots of the members’ expressions and costumes, adding a personal touch to your concert memories. 

Note that Lia will be absent from this tour, which might shift the dynamic on stage – something to keep in mind when framing your shots. With ITZY known for their dynamic performances, be prepared to capture the high energy and poignant moments of their latest world tour, making each photo a cherished memory of their stellar show.

3) IU (20 & 21 April)

IU Concert

IU, celebrated for her distinctive voice and creative prowess in the Korean music scene since 2008, is set to enchant Singapore with her 2024 IU H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT on 20 and 21 April at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

For fans aiming to capture the essence of IU’s performance, shooting tips vary by location in the stadium. From the stands, you have the advantage of capturing the full scope of the concert, including the stage design, lighting, and the crowd’s reaction to IU’s performances. This perspective is ideal for panoramic shots that encapsulate the atmosphere of the event. On the other hand, concert-goers closer to the stage or in standing areas can focus on the finer details of IU’s performance. This position is perfect for capturing IU’s expressions, intricate stage outfits, and interaction with the audience during her powerful renditions of chart-topping hits. 

Regardless of where you are, key moments to focus on include the emotional highs of songs like <YOU & I> and <Good Day>, where IU’s vocal prowess truly shines, and the visually captivating performance of <Blueming>. These tips will help fans preserve memorable highlights from what promises to be an unforgettable night with the ‘Music Queen’.

4) NCT Dream (29 & 30 June)

NCT Dream Concert

NCTzens, the wait is over – NCT Dream is set to make a grand return to Singapore with their The Dream Show 3 tour on 29 and 30 June, following the fervor of last year’s sold-out The Dream Show 2. This K-pop sensation, a seven-member sub-unit of NCT, plans to captivate fans over two nights, possibly featuring performances by the full group, including Chele, who missed last year’s concert due to health reasons. With a new album anticipated in March 2024, attendees can expect a refreshed setlist brimming with new tracks alongside their hits, Hot Sauce, BOOM, and Hello Future. Details on the venue and ticket prices for the NCT Dream World Tour in Singapore are still pending, but fans can always visit their website for more information.

For NCTzens looking to capture the magic, the choice between shooting from the stands or the standing area offers different advantages. From the stands, you’re in a prime position to take in the full spectacle of the stage, capturing the group’s synchronised choreography and the vibrant light show – a must for wide-angle shots that convey the concert’s energy. 

On the ground, closer to the action, focus on the members’ expressions and individual charisma during performances. This vantage point is ideal for capturing detailed shots of the members engaging with fans and each other. Regardless of where you find yourself, key moments to capture include high-energy tracks like BOOM, where the group’s powerful dance moves shine, and emotive ballads that showcase their vocal talents.

5) Aespa (20 July)

Aespa Concert

On 20 July, K-pop girl group sensation Aespa will make their first full-scale concert appearance in Singapore, bringing the SYNK: Parallel Line tour to MYs, the affectionate term for Aespa fans, eager for a live experience. The group, consisting of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning, burst onto the scene in November 2020 with their hit single Black Mamba, quickly establishing themselves as a force in the fourth generation of K-pop. Their discography boasts chart-topping tracks like Next Level, Savage, and the recent Spicy, showcasing their dynamic range and innovative sound.

For those capturing the concert, whether you’re in the stands or up close in the standing area, different strategies apply. From the stands, aim to capture the stage’s full layout and the coordinated light shows, perfect for panoramic shots that highlight Aespa’s synchronised dance moves. Closer to the stage, the focus shifts to the members’ expressions and interactions, offering a chance for detailed shots that capture the energy and emotion of tracks like Drama and Illusion. Key moments include the dramatic choreography of Next Level and the immersive visuals during Savage, offering vivid snapshots of Aespa’s innovative performance style.

If you’re looking to grab a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for your next concert, visit the Samsung website to purchase a set starting from S$1,928. On top of that, Samsung will throw in an additional S$200 e-voucher and S$250 trade-in bonus for old eligible device, on top of the regular trade-in amount. For students, be sure to check out CINCH for a monthly subscription programme that makes owning the Galaxy S24 Series AI phone more accessible for you!  The next time you’re at a concert, don’t worry about capturing those perfect moments. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is ready for it, ensuring you can relive the sparks fly magic anytime.