Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Director Reveals Expanded World For Upcoming Sequel

‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ Game Director Reveals Expanded World For Upcoming Sequel

It was in June 2022 that we finally learned that the new Final Fantasy VII projects would consist of a trilogy, and after the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the next big entry would be Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Square Enix has been hard at work developing the sequel, but fans are always eager for some details, which is where the latest comments from the team come in.

Taking to Twitter, several developer comments were finally shared by Square Enix, revealing some of the key details that will make Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a beast of its own.

For starters, the game will feature “a high degree of freedom” that allows players to experience “a myriad of different stories along the way.” Game director Naoki Hamaguchi’s comments stop short of saying that the game will be open world, but at the very least, we now know that it will have one that contains plenty of things to do and see.

Perhaps more interestingly, Kzaushige Nojima, who is part of the Story and Scenario team, also explained that players will be part of “a chain of narrative developments that lie at the very heart of the Final Fantasy VII story while discovering each character’s destiny.”

This will likely mean that we will get more character-focused moments in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, much like how the first game expanded upon all of the things that were not always fully explored in the classic.

As for when we will actually see and be able to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the team also said that development is “progressing smoothly and according to plan,” however, there is no set release date just yet for the blockbuster JRPG.