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F.EAST On The World’s First Egg Prata With Fish Curry Potato Chips

Whether you roll your eyes at the attempt of promoting local flavours or if you’re excited at the idea of eating your favourite dish in chip form, there’s no denying that Singapore’s master potato chip maker F.EAST has hit the right notes with its earlier Singapore Laksa or Hainanese Chicken Rice flavoured potato chips.

Are you ready for their third flavour in their repertoire? It’s not something common like Hokkien Prawn Noodles, Char Kuay Teow or Mee Rebus though.

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Who would have thought that Egg Prata and Fish Curry can be turned into a chip flavour? We had the chance to sample the soon-to-be-released crisps and they’re pretty good! The first taste is distinctly like the instant curry powder in instant ramens, which reminded us of our college days, broke and hungry. Ah, the memories. Subsequent tasting then revealed the very subtle egg prata flavour, but it was really fighting with the potato flavour because… these are potato chips.

Do these chips taste exactly like egg prata and fish curry? Of course not, they’re still potato chips, but who else can say they have an egg prata and fish curry flavoured chips? Not Lay’s, not Pringles, and certainly not Kettle Brand chips. Sometimes we have to be proud of our Asian heritage and embrace it.

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The new flavour is available from September 10-21, 2018, exclusive at B1, Raffles Xchange. F.EAST will be running a “4 for $10” launch promotion until September 14, 2018, after which prices will switch back to $3 per pack. Can’t make it to Raffles Exchange and still want to try these out? F.EAST is also launching the new flavour on their Redmart store.

Can’t be bothered to pay for shipping and have these chips delivered to you? The Egg Prata and Fish Curry potato chips will be available at 7-Eleven and Giant from September 22, 2018, onwards. And for a short period of time, they will be available at NTUC Fairprice from October 4-10, 2018.

If you still can’t be bothered to do even that, then we don’t know what to tell you. Get a good buddy to buy it for you?

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Egg prata and fish curry. We wonder what’s next?

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