‘Fallout’ Season 2 Is Ready To Save Humanity Once Amazon Greenlights It

Ahead of its Amazon Prime release on 12 April, Fallout’s co-writer and showrunner, Graham Wagner (Star Trek: Discovery) revealed that there are plans in store for a Season 2 that are ready to go once Amazon renews the series.

fallout season 2

Based off the post-apocalyptic game series of the same name, Fallout is set in a post-nuclear apocalypse after a thermonuclear war ravages the United States and forces citizens into underground dwellings, or Vaults. Two hundred years later, America becomes a lawless wasteland with surviving factions fighting for control of the West Coast. The series has eight episodes, but Wagner did tease in an interview with Collider that a 24 episode version of the show “would’ve been fun … but also I think our fatality rate would be high.”

fallout season 2

A potential Season 2 would include ideas from the first season that were cut because of its eight-episode runtime, and explore more of Vault 33 and the wasteland’s many factions.

“We’re at a point where we just have to hire writers, write the episodes, shoot the episodes. So, we’re ready to go, but there’s a lot of decisions,” says Wagner about Season 2, “we started working on (Fallout) Season 2 in the hopes of there being interest in that from Amazon, and in the hopes of shrinking that gap. Because leaving people on a cliffhanger for two years is a bizarre impulse.”

Fallout releases on Amazon Prime on 12 April 2024.