Fallout Worlds Turns Fallout 76 Into A Blend Of Minecraft And Garry’s Mod Where Almost Anything Goes

Fallout 76, Bethesda’s first multiplayer game, gets a major update in the form of Fallout Worlds. Released to a mixed reception in November 2018, the game has had a rocky start with its bugs, crashes, and design flaws.

However, Bethesda didn’t give up on the game, constantly updating it with new content, with the Wastelanders expansion in 2020 steering reviews in a more favourable direction.

Fallout Worlds introduces two new modes for players to enjoy the game in fresh ways, finally giving players the ability to create their own custom servers. The first, Public Worlds, will be free for all Fallout 76 players, featuring a rotation of themed worlds by Bethesda to demonstrate what the customisation tools are capable of.

The Custom Worlds mode is available to those who subscribe to Fallout 1st, Fallout 76‘s premium membership plan, and it allows players to create a world to their liking. Tools to spawn creatures, building structures, changing height limits, tweaking weather effects, ragdoll physics, rules of combat and more, letting players play Fallout 76 in the exact way they want to.

Not only that, up to seven other players can be invited into the custom world, and those players don’t need to have a Fallout 1st subscription.

Now, Fallout 76 gives the modding community what they want, moving the game a step towards the direction of Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.