The Complete Tales of Arise Beginner’s Guide

So, you have decided to dive into Bandai Namco‘s amazing Tales of Arise, but you are unsure of the many different systems and terms used in the game. Fret not, your good friends here at Geek Culture are always ready to lend a hand, and our complete Tales of Arise Beginner’s Guide will cover some of the things that you may have missed along the way to saving the world.

The Complete Tales of Arise Beginner's Guide

Tales of Arise Beginner’s Guide

First of all, we can break things down into a few broad categories. When it comes to the adventure of Alphen, Shionne, and gang, you are going to be doing much exploring and engaging in tons of combat. It is essential that you know what are some of the important things to look out for in these aspects.

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Combat in Tales of Arise

One of the cooler features in Tales of Arise is the ability to switch between party members at any point in combat. This way, you can create combos and synergies more easily and set the enemy up for an easy kill.

To do so, simply hold down the left trigger, and use the corresponding D-pad button to choose the active party member. This way, you can take full control and decide what’s next for that member.

Combat can also be hectic, and focusing on one enemy is usually the best way forward. You can direct a party member towards a particular enemy in almost the same fashion – hold down left trigger, but use the left analogue stick to choose your target. Do note you will have to do this for every party member separately.

The Magic of Artes

Artes are the different abilities at your disposal during combat, and is used to chain attacks together to create combos and take advantage of enemy weaknesses. There is a large collection of different Artes in the game, and it is in your best interest to understand how they work.

Every character will have three different proficiencies when it comes to Artes, and the more you use a particular subsection, you will unlock new Artes naturally. Another way to obtain new Artes is to learn through unlocking it through the Skills portion for your characters. In essence, use them plenty in your fights and you will soon unlock a world of possibilities.

The Complete Tales of Arise Beginner's Guide - Boost Strikes

Healing in Tales of Arise

One of the most important lessons you can learn from this Tales of Arise Beginner’s Guide is that of healing in the game. You can utilise items to heal, take advantage of camping points, or using healing Artes, and each will have its own quirks to take note of.

Items are the easiest ways to recover your health, with a variety of different Gels healing for different amounts. You can get a decent amount of such healing Gels through exploration and combat, or you can buy them using the Gald currency. Using them in combat allows for instant healing, although there is a cooldown before you can use the next item.

Camping will heal your party completely, and with the added bonus of cooking effects, it can be a great way to prepare yourself for the hard road ahead.

Lastly, the use of healing Artes will be familiar to any RPG fans. However, healing in Tales of Arise uses Cure Points (CP), which are finite and shared across the party. You can replenish CP by camping, gels, or food bonuses. Outside of combat, CP can be used to recover either 80% or 100% of your health, which is incredibly useful.

Earning Combat Points

Tales of Arise definitely loves its points systems, and Combat Points are another thing to take note of. This is calculated after each encounter based on your battle performance, and can also be affected by the game’s difficulty.

By constantly getting into battles and gaining Combat Points, you will fill up the Battle Chain bonus, which goes up to a maximum of five levels. The higher the bonus, the more rewards and multipliers you will get when it comes to experience and skill points earned from combat. This is a great way to boost your levelling efforts, and allow you to accrue more resources to use in the future.

To get the most Combat Points, take note of the following factors:

Positive Factors

  • Defeating Strong or Rare Zeugles/Bosses
  • Finishing the encounter with a Mystic Arte
  • Boost Strikes and Boost Attacks
  • Downing enemies with Boost Attacks
  • Fighting multiple enemies at once
  • High attack combos
  • Speed

Negative Factors

  • Losing the battle
  • Getting KO’d
  • Consuming items

Exploration in Tales of Arise

There are many areas of interest in Tales of Arise, and there lies plenty of rewards awaiting the curious. With the maps readily available for each region, be sure to check out all the nooks and crannies to find secrets and treasures. Once you have more party members, you can even unlock new ways to navigate around the world.

This can lead to powerful foes, hidden treasures, and useful artefacts that can grant amazing bonuses like XP boost and the like. But before you go around searching, learn to identify the important folks like the quest givers in each of the areas you visit. Knowing where the vendors or quest givers are can save you much time over the course of the game.


With 70 sub-quests for players to attempt, Tales of Arise gives you every opportunity to earn Gald, SP, and powerful items during your adventures. You could be tasked to obtain a few items, or battle a dangerous enemy, and every region has its fair share of sub-quests for you to complete.

There are also several secret sub-quests that you can uncover both during and after the ending, so be sure to bring your best party, the odds are going to be against you. That also means that the rewards that await are immensely powerful as well.

Always check your map screen, any envelope symbol you see is a sub-quest awaiting your discovery. Check them off one by one and you will be getting stronger by the minute.

Culinary Benefits

As mentioned, cooking is a great way of prepping your party for the hardships ahead, and there are a total of 38 recipes to find with varying benefits.

You could be getting bonus XP, SP, or even healing after battles. Combine that with the benefits of the Battle Chain and other interesting trinkets, and you can have a much easier time. Recipes can be found from treasure chests, as rewards from sub-quests, and progressing through the game.

Always make sure you have a full meal before doing anything in Tales of Arise, it can help tremendously.

Our Tales of Arise Beginner’s Guide is designed to help you get a headstart on things in this awesome JRPG. If you find yourself needing more help, be sure to drop us a comment below, and we will come to the rescue as usual. Otherwise, sink your teeth into Tales of Arise, and enjoy your time being the heroes you were meant to be!