Epic13’s The Surge 2 Will Be Released On September 24

The Surge 2’s release date has been officially confirmed to be on September 24 following the game’s listing on the Australian Microsoft store.

Shortly thereafter, the Microsoft stores in the US and UK got updated with the same release date and the studios behind the sequel, Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive has also released a press release, unveiling the various pre-order bonuses available and new screenshots from the upcoming game.

Those who have decided to pre-order The Surge 2 will receive the exclusive URBN Gear Pack DLC which unlocks access to the following in-game items and bonuses:

  • Warren’s Well-Used Cutter from the original game
  • An URBN Judgement Axe weapon
  • A unique URBN full-body armour set
  • The URBN Skinner Drone with it’s Lootscan.exe Radar Module
  • A unique online message icon

The last item is especially worth noting as players of the first game will remember that it was a strictly single-player experience with no online multiplayer features of any kind. Hence the presence of an online message icon might suggest that the developers of the game will be broadening the sequel’s horizons, with an online multiplayer mode. Of course, these are all speculations as the studios have yet to confirm that the sequel will be getting an online multiplayer feature.

As for The Surge 2 Limited Edition, players who purchase it will receive a premium lenticular cover as opposed to the game’s standard box art, as well as a double-sided poster, three lithographs, and an 8-page comic book.

Aside from details on the pre-order and limited edition version of The Surge 2, screenshots of the game were also released and you can check them out below.

The Surge 2 will be released for the PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One on September 24. You can pre-order The Surge 2 now on the Steam store for S$59.90.