Enjoy The Knight Rider Theme Performed On 8 Cellos By 1 Musician

A near-indestructible talking car, crime fighter, and David Hasselhoff – action never got any more enjoyable to watch than the ’80s days of Knight Rider. Throw into the mix a catchy, blood-pumping syth-pop opening theme, and that’s a gold nugget of nostalgia right there.

London-based cellist Samara Ginsberg has created a rendition of the popular song, in a bid to beat the stay-home boredom brought on by COVID-19. That’s pretty neat and all, but the musician isn’t content with just reproducing the notes. Her usual approach involves arranging elaborate covers of pop culture classics for her YouTube channel, and this is no exception: instead of a typical one-track cover, she performs an 8-part cello iteration of the Knight Rider theme, which is an insanely impressive feat for one person. The original theme may be found above for reference.

This marks Ginsberg’s third foray into cello multitracking, with the first being a one-take recording of the Inspector Gadget theme. She then followed it up with an Imperial March performance, where she donned the mask of Darth Vader.

The cellist’s work has garnered much praise from the Reddit community, and it’s easy to see why. Her next projects remain a mystery, but she affirms that nostalgia will be the common theme. “For the time being I’m going to concentrate on retro TV, cartoon, movie and video game themes as they’re fun and people really seem to enjoy them,” she said. “I think at such a difficult, stressful time, people are really responding to content that takes them back to their childhoods.” Nice.

Thank you for the blessing that are these bangers, Ginsberg!

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