End The Console Wars With The Big O – The Ultimate All-In-One Gaming System

The PC Master Race. The Console Wars. What does that even matter, now that someone has found a way to unite all gamers?

No, seriously, these folks from Origin PC found a way to integrate all the heavy hitters from this generation of console gaming into one powerful machine. That’s right — now you can play all your games from PC, PS4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch in this absolute beast of a console.


Simply dubbed “Big O“, this is the motherload of all gaming PCs. Heck, let’s not even call it a PC or a console at this point — it’s the motherload of all gaming systems so far.

The tower chassis is massive so that it can cram both the motherboards, liquid cooling systems, 2TB SSDs, and the operating systems of both a PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X into it. This is on top of an already powerful internal Origin PC setup, which includes a supercharged 9th-gen Intel i9 CPU, NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU, a massive 64GB Corsair Dominator RAM, as well as a humungous 14TB Seagate Barracuda SSD.

And before you stop us, yes, we haven’t forgotten about the Nintendo Switch dock jutting out from the side as the cherry on the icing.


This isn’t the first Big O Origin created, though. Their first iteration was back in 2009, which included just the internals of an Xbox 360 in the chassis. Back then, it was a modding marvel to behold. Looking back, it truly is amazing what 10 years can do for technology.

The only downer — and a big one at that — is that the Big O isn’t for sale at all. But then again, from what even individuals can do with modded PCs and consoles these days, we won’t be surprised to see another amazing custom build like this.

With the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett just over the horizon, it wouldn’t hurt to imagine another mouth-watering Frankenconsole that will make even the gods tremble.