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A Hands-On Look At LG’s Newest Beauty Product: The LG Pra.L

For ladies, a pampering, a trip to a spa or a pedicure, every now and then, is essential.

Unfortunately, those sessions usually cost quite a fair bit and aren’t very practical to have every day. Some of us even have day jobs!

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In response to that, LG has developed a series of beauty products designed to let you have your very own pseudo-spa experience in the comfort of your home. Granted, it might not be the complete spa experience with a beautician to converse soothingly as you lie back and let her do all the work. 

With the LG Pra.L, it’s all about having a do-it-yourself kind of home beauty spa experience.

Geek Culture had the opportunity to test out the four beauty products under LG’s Pra.L range before its launch locally in Seoul and with that, here is a quick guide on the four products as well as how it works. 

Starting off, we have the Dual Cleanser. It is a facial brush that is very reminiscent of another facial brush currently in the market, the Clarisonic. The Dual Cleanser comes with a body and a socket in which a fibre brush that sits atop it to help scrub your face and remove impurities. Where it differs from most other facial brushes, however, is in its additional silicon brush which LG says is for “lighter” user.

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In other words, if you’re home after a whole day of work and wish to remove your makeup, you can use the fibre brush head attachment. If you’ve just woken up and just want to scrub and wash your face, then the silicon brush will do just fine. It also comes with a UV cradle that the Cleanser can be docked into when not in use, thus helping to sanitise the brush and making sure that the brush is clean before every use. 

To use the Dual Cleanser, simply select the level of cleansing you want and the voice assistant will guide you in English on the cleansing steps for each area of the face, such as the cheeks, nose, and forehead. It is a very intuitive and easy to use device, even for someone that has never used a beauty cleanser before. The Dual Cleanser is suitable for daily use, according to LG. 

After scrubbing your face with the Dual Cleanser, LG recommends to follow up with the Galvanic Ion Booster. From its name, you might have guessed that the device makes use of ions, in a process called ‘iontophoresis’, to help further cleanse the skin and increase its level of absorption. 

When switched to the Cleansing mode, the device allegedly uses positive ions at the product’s head to attract tiny impurities that might be trapped in the skin which carry a negative ion. While the Boost mode uses negative ions to repel the negative ions in the skincare products deeper into your skin, thereby boosting the rate of absorption of these skincare products. The Galvanic Ion Booster comes with a triangular head that according to LG, helps to reach “every contour of the face”. 

When using the Galvanic Ion Booster, simply select whether you would like to use the cleansing mode or boosting mode and the device will start to work its magic. While using it in Boost mode, you will notice that the device is vibrating and that is due to the ‘ultrasonic wave vibrations’ that the Booster uses to push the skincare product used deeper into the skin. Just like the Dual Cleanser, LG says that the Galvanic Ion Booster is also suitable for daily use. 

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The third step in the Pra.L beauty care regime involved the Total Lift Up Care, which is supposedly more popular amongst the older demographic as it serves to tighten and lift up the muscles and tissues in the face, thereby reducing unwanted smile lines from the face. The Total Lift Up Care works by using Red LED lights to deliver heat into the skin to help tighten the skin and subsequently using micro currents to help stimulate the skin for a lifting effect. 

Do take note that when the Tightening mode on the Total Lift Up Care uses Red LED lights so do not be alarmed as the device can get quite warm. Unlike the two products mentioned above, the Total Lift Up Care is not suitable for daily use. Instead, it should ideally be used twice a week. 

Lastly, we have the star of the show, the Derma LED Mask

Despite looking like it was made for a party or Daftpunk music video, the Derma LED Mask is in fact there to help you brighten and tighten your skin. With 160 LED lights consisting of 80 Red and 80 Infrared LED lights, all strategically placed to penetrate the right areas of the face, namely the cheeks and forehead. For those worried about whether it is safe having 160 LED lights shining so close to your face, LG assures us that it is FDA cleared in the United States which LG has stated is one of the biggest factors they took into concern when developing the Pra.L. Whether or not these regulations work for each individual should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

The Derma LED Mask also comes with an Automatic Use Detection, allowing the mask to only operate when it is worn. Once the mask has detected that it has fallen off or is not worn properly, it will switch itself off. 

As the Mask has very bright LED lights shining close to the user’s eye, LG has included an Eye Shield design made of silicone to help protect the eyes from the glare of the LED lights. When wearing the Mask, we found that we could still see the lights from the LED despite wearing the mask but it was not uncomfortable and glaring though our skin did get a little warm after the nine-minute session, with the 160 LED lights shining on it. The Mask has to be used for nine minutes per session to see optimal results, and knowing that users will get restless if lying down for too long, LG has built-in a voice assistant into the remote of the mask, which informs the user of how much time is left per session. LG also recommends that the Derma LED Mask be used one a day, or even once every two days, for the best results. 

After the session, we did feel a lot more refreshed, though there was no visible difference that could be observed. Then again, LG has stated that it will take at least a month of using the products to see any visible change. Of course, the duration varies from person to person. 

The LG Pra.L will be available in Singapore from July 25, with an exclusive Pra.L pop-up store at Tangs Plaza happening till September 9, 2019. Now, you too will be able to get yourself a Pra.L to hold your own at-home spa session. 

The beauty products under Pra.L can be operated individually. In fact, LG specifically developed the devices to be easy to use, such that a person can use it all alone. Though, if you want to feel a little fancier, you can always get a friend to help! 

The retail prices for the four Pra.L beauty products are as follows:

Dual Cleanser: S$499
Galvanic Ion Booster: S$529
Total Lift Up Care: S$699
Derma LED Mask: S$1,349

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