EA Cancels ‘Star Wars’ FPS Game Amidst Layoffs

Turbulent times for the game industry are continuing, with Electronic Arts (EA) joining other game companies in laying off employees. EA cancels Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars first-person shooter (FPS) game amid a wave of mass layoffs, though the company will continue to develop its Star Wars: Jedi games.

cancels star wars fps game

The game was first announced in 2022 by EA, promising an all-new Star Wars first-person shooter game with an enthusiastic team backing it, which fans were excited about. EA employees who were working on the game and not laid off will be reassigned to work on the upcoming Iron Man, Black Panther, and the third Jedi title.

cancels star wars fps game

As per IGN, EA Entertainment Laura Miele expressed that “this decision is not a reflection of the team’s talent, tenacity, or passion they have for the game. Giving fans the next instalments of the iconic franchises they want is the definition of blockbuster storytelling and the right place to focus,” referring to focusing on the Apex Legends and Jedi franchises.

The decision to cancel Star Wars‘ upcoming FPS game could mean seeing more cancellations from other studios, heralding bleak tidings for the game industry.