Netflix’s Don’t Look Up Has Two Post Credits Scenes – And It Makes You Want To Eat The Rich

If you’ve spent Christmas weekend watching Don’t Look Up, it just might feel a bit odd especially as we celebrate a particularly upbeat holiday.

After all, the movie is a strong satirical look at how the world might look like for most folks. As part of the media, the chase for clicks is real, and Don’t Look Up hits home rather hard.

**Spoilers Ahead**

If you’ve not watched the movie, here’s your chance to exit this article.

After witnessing the destruction of Earth, we see that the rich have made it safely to another planet that is similar to the original planet.

And, the folks on board are as we guessed it – the same types of folks who see the world for profit. We’re talking oil moguls, politicians, and lobbyists.

While they’ve made it safe and sound on the new planet. It’s anything but hospitable.

We might not be able to literally eat the rich, but now we have other organisms to do the work for us.

If you’ve been patient enough, there’s a second post-credit scene and it has Jonah Hill’s character Jason Orlean, the President’s son, surviving the entire apocalyptic event. The first thing, even in such dire situations, is to post on social media and announce his triumph.