Disneyland Shanghai Set To Reopen On 11 May At Limited Capacity

The Walt Disney Company has been one of the most heavily-hit MNCs as a result of the current global pandemic, but it has since taken various steps in attempts to recoup its losses.

The recent Disney financial investors call saw CEO Bob Chapek give the green light for one of its major theme parks – Disneyland Shanghai – to be reopened to the public on 11 May. However, it will do so with various restrictions put in place to amid COVID-19 concerns.

“We are seeing encouraging signs of a gradual return to some semblance of normalcy in China,” said Chapek. As for attendance, he stated that Disneyland Shanghai “will take a focused approach with limits on attendance”.

The theme park, which was the first among the Disneyland theme parks to close on 25 January, is slated to only host up to 80,000 visitors a day. Even so, it will first accommodate to the Chinese government’s restriction of about 30% of that amount, meaning it might allow only about 24,000 for the first few days, with gradually-increasing numbers.

Various social distancing measures will also be put in place, including the provision of face masks, as well as the conducting of temperature screenings, contact tracing and other detection methods.

The decision to reopen just the Shanghai branch of Disneyland, while the other branches across the globe remain closed at the time of writing, is “in light of the lifting of certain restrictions in recent weeks and the successful reopening of [Disneyland Shanghai’s] park-adjacent retail and food and beverage area.”

No announcement as to the reopening of the various other Disneyland branches has been announced yet.

The Disney financial call also highlighted that more upcoming movies will be released on the Disney+ streaming service.

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