Disney Enlists Stormtroopers To Enforce Social Distancing At Reopened DIsney World

With Disney Springs’ recently reopening, after being temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, it looks like Disney has put their Stormtroopers to work as Social Distancing enforcers to encourage guests to follow new health and safety guidelines, such as making sure guests wear masks and stay at least six feet away from one another. 

A video by Attractions Magazine (via Entertainment Weekly) shows a pair of Stormtroopers on duty, bickering with one another and commenting on the passers-by they see. 

One Stormtrooper even comments on the guests’ face masks, saying that there are “some nice face coverings down there. Probably nicer than these helmets.” While another Stormtrooper adds, “Yeah, I’m going to need you to move one male bantha’s length away, please.” to which the other replies “Roger that.”

You can watch it for yourself here,

After its reopening, due to limited capacity, guests going to the Walt Disney World Resort will have to secure a reservation for the day in advance if they wish to gain entry into the park.  The capacity at the park will then slowly increase as the county furthers its reopening phases.