The Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series looks Familiar yet Alien

We’ve all been there some point in our lives and especially when you are a kid, mom always gets you the ‘good enough’ solution. The new Dell Inspiron 14 7000 wants to help fill that position.

Inspiron 14 7000 Series Notebook

Aesthetically, it looks pretty much like an Alienware on the exterior but it doesn’t come with the Alienware price tag. Specs wise, it is decent for the price tag and definitely sufficient to handle MOBAs and pretty much any modern game you can throw at it.

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After upgrading to an SSD, I’m wondering why aren’t more hardware makers making it a requisite. The 1TB hybrid drive might tout SSD-like speeds but nothing compares to the real deal. 1TB is a huge amount of space that would easily take years to fill. Great for the school going kid with plenty of junk files.

At 2kg, the laptop won’t kill any backs but we’ve been spoiled with Ultrabooks to the point that anything that weighs more than 1kg feels like an overkill.

Touting a SGD$1699 price tag, the default config of the Dell Inspiron 14 7000 comes with an IPS screen which is something that will be more appreciated than a multicoloured keyboard (really).


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