Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Set For Early 2023 Release

EA Motive’s latest developer stream for the upcoming Dead Space remake focused on taking a in-depth look at three elements:

  • The A.L.I.V.E. System – your first chance to hear how the system that controls Isaac’s heart rate, breathing, and dialogue delivery will sound.
  • Audio Occlusion – how audio levels will be controlled through different materials and surfaces as well as projected audio down hallways.
  • Weapons – listen to both the original Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle and the updates to these iconic sounds.

Be sure to catch the full one-hour stream below:

The stream then followed with the official announcement of sorts, of the expected release window of the game, which is currently set for early 2023.

Although Dead Space fans will have to wait another year before getting their hands on the highly anticipated remake of the original game, at least Callisto Protocol is expected to release in 2022, which is being developed by the original creators of Dead Space.