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‘Dead By Daylight’ Devs Reveal New Post-Apocalyptic Builder Raider Game ‘Meet Your Maker’

For fans of Behaviour Interactive, there will soon be more than just horror multiplayer goodness awaiting. In a new reveal, the studio has officially unveiled a first-person building and raiding game called Meet Your Maker. Set in the future, it will be up to you to build a haven for yourself while raiding outposts that have seen better days.

As is in such circumstances, the Earth is dying, and the chosen way of survival for the overlords of humanity is to trust in the Chimera, an artificial being tasked with saving us all. The caveat is that this will require the evolution of the Chimera, and that requires pure genetic material, which the player will help provide.

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Either playing solo or in teams of two, players will need to construct their own unique outposts and stock them full of traps and guards in order to protect the extraction of the genetic material, otherwise known as GenMat. However, you can bolster the production by stealing other players’ GenMat by raiding in Meet Your Maker.

The Chimera in Meet Your Maker

While the main gameplay is asynchronous, players will be able to relive attacks on their outposts and make adjustments accordingly, putting up a better fight next time. As you progress, Meet Your Maker opens up with more upgrades and resources.

“The game is built on UGC [user-generated content] and creates deep social connections, whether you play alone or co-op,” creative director Ash Pannell said.

“As a builder, share your meticulously built Outpost and watch other players take them on via our replay system. It never gets old to watch others die. You’ll reap rewards and learn how to strengthen your creation. As a raider, you’ll try, die, retry, and eventually gain the knowledge to extract that GenMat and exit victoriously. In both cases, it’s highly entertaining and always fun to watch.”

For now, Meet Your Maker is slated to launch sometime in 2023, with a closed playtest happening on 23 August. Those interested can head over to the official website to sign up now.