DC FanDome: The Flash Movie Teases New Costume And Batman Appearance

Ezra Miller’s journey to getting his standalone The Flash movie was far from being a bed of roses, but it’s soon to become a reality. At DC FanDome 2021, which kicked off with a world-exclusive first look at Black Adam, fans were treated to a bombshell of a teaser featuring the fleet-footed superhero in his new costume – and then some.

As the project is still in development, few plot details came to light, but that didn’t stop the team from injecting a sense of excitement into the reel. In it, the scarlet speedstar is accompanied by Supergirl and another Barry Allen as the timeline is thrown into disarray: “Change the future, change the past,” the voiceover states solemnly.

The greatest reveal, though, took on the form of Michael Keaton’s Batman and the Batmobile that sets up the stage for an entry into the DC Multiverse. This should prove to be an exciting affair, especially with Ben Affleck’s Batman, who was first spotted on the movie set of The Flash, hopping onboard as well.

Here’s a closer look at some of the movie stills:

The Flash, written by Batgirl and Birds of Prey’s Christina Hodson, is currently slated for theatrical release on 4 November 2022. It will also star Ron Livingston as Barry’s father, Henry Allen (replacing Justice League’s Billy Crudup), Zack Snyders Justice League’s Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, and Rudy Mancuso in an unknown role.