Control Developer Remedy Partners Tencent For Free-To-Play Multiplayer Shooter Vanguard

Remedy Entertainment, known for story-driven action games such as Control and Alan Wake, has revealed some details about its upcoming multiplayer shooter. Codenamed Vanguard, the game will be published in collaboration with Tencent.

The game will be a cooperative free-to-play PvE shooter that strives to bring Remedy Entertainment’s ability to combine strong narrative and action into a multiplayer experience. This is the first time the studio is developing a games-as-service title.

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Control (2019)

Vanguard will be developed using Unreal Engine for PC and consoles. However, as part of the agreement, Tencent has the rights to develop a mobile version of the game. Vanguard is currently in the proof-of-concept stage, so it’s still in the early development stage. As such, there is no release date given for the game. This is not the only multiplayer title Remedy Entertainment is working on, as the studio also announced a multiplayer spin-off for Control in June 2021.

Fans of Remedy Entertainment have quite a lot to look forward to.