The Game Awards 2023: Tencent-Owned Sharkmob Unveils ‘Exoborne’, Open World Extraction Shooter

After gathering blood-sucking allies and enemies in Vampire: The Masquerade, developer Sharkmob is headed next to a futuristic world. The Swedish company has teased its upcoming project at The Game Awards 2023, with a trailer debut offering an idea of what to expect.

Set in an apocalyptic U.S transformed by extreme forces of nature, Exoborne is a tactical open-world extraction shooter for PC and consoles. Players take on the role of Reborn, extraordinary survivors fitted with an implant that enables them to use powerful Exo-Rigs. Armed with the technology, they have to “fight and thrive not only against the forces of nature but warring factions as well as each other.”

The official game description continues, “Emergent gameplay created through dynamic systems such as public events, extreme weather, ever changing conditions on the battlefield and players’ behaviour towards each other deliver unique experiences and stories with every single session.”

The Game Awards 2023 Exoborne

The title is developed on Unreal Engine 5, and will include crafting, customisation, special abilities, limited-time events, and other features. Three modes are available – PvP, PvE, and Extraction – but the baseline stays the same across the board. Upon death, all loot will be lost.

Exoborne primarily runs a third-person perspective, but switches into first-person, or ADS, when shooting. Firing at the enemy isn’t the only way to take them down, however, with the Exo-Rigs granting different abilities to players, and enhancing vertical movement with the grapple hook or parachute. It’s also possible to throw individuals into forces of nature, such as tornados and storms. Learning how to traverse the unstable environment holds the key to victory, alongside unlocking and upgrading gear and equipment.

The extraction shooter has no release date yet, but Sharkmob is eyeing a beta test rollout sometime in 2024.