Conan The Barbarian Netflix Series Reportedly Being Developed

The iconic character which helped birth a star in Arnold Schwarzenegger may be coming back to our screens in a new series. Netflix is reportedly developing a new series based on characters from Conan The Barbarian.

Conan first appeared in comic books in the 1930s and was created by Robert E. Howard. The character is most famously played by Schwarzenegger on the big screens in the 1980s. In its heyday, Conan The Barbarian even beat out cult classics such as Blade Runner and The Road Warrior. A 2011 film of the same name featured Aquaman star Jason Momoa but met with lukewarm success.

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The original stories themselves created a new genre of writing known as Sword and Sorcery; and has spawned countless adaptation in comics, novels, feature films, television series, video games, collectables, toys, and more, globally.

Currently, Netflix is reportedly in talks with Conan Properties International (owned by Cabinet Entertainment) to gain exclusive rights to the Conan library (via Deadline). This means that the streamer will have the rights to adapt Conan properties for film, animation and TV.

As of now, no other details of the plot or characters for the new Conan series have been revealed. From what we hear, Fredrik Malmberg and Mark Wheeler will executive produce this under their company, Pathfinder Media.