Clash of Titans: Attack on Titan Board Game vs Deck Building Edition

Season two of the worldwide anime hit, Attack on Titan is out and like the first season it hits the mark on so many levels. Thus to coincide with the new season, Cryptozoic Entertainment has published not one but two games based on the anime. The first was released in late 2016 and is called Attack on Titan: The Deck Building Game and in mid-2017 we are getting Attack on Titan: The Last Stand.

Attack on Titan: The Last Stand

In the upcoming Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, you will play one of the characters from the Survey Corps and your goal is to well…kill a Titan. The unique hook of the game being that you literally do so vertically off the tabletop, which if you have seen the anime, this is all so gloriously thematic. Although that being said, the only Titan standee provided is the Smiling Titan but there are 4 different Titan characteristics to choose from.

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The game is a one versus many game meaning one player plays the Titan, which will be my personal choice and the rest plays the heroes. The Titan wins by either destroying all 6 cannons on the building, killing all 12 citizens in the game or one of the player heroes. The Heroes win by of course, killing the Titan.

During a turn, the players will roll their dice and using the symbols on the die to do various things like move, attacking, dodging, using tactics and their character’s special ability. A player is allowed to roll their dice as many times as they want but one face on each die is the Titan symbol and when this is rolled, that die is given to the Titan player to be used to dish out the pain on the heroes during the Titan’s turn. This will go on till the Titan wins or the players causes enough damage on the Titan and completes the correct tactics card.

Attack on Titan: The Deck Building Game

Next up would be the already released Attack on Titan: The Deck Building Game. The theme once again is based on the anime except this time you are literally defending the wall against the onslaught of Titans.

This game is based on the Cerebus deck building system but is a cooperative one where all players win or lose together against the game which controls the Titans. You win by defeating a number of archenemy Titans on top of ‘normal’ Titans and you lose when the walls are destroyed, if the draw deck runs out or a certain number of characters die depending on the player count. Note that when a player dies, he chooses a new character to use and all cards of the dead character are discarded.

During a player’s turn, they can use courage cards to purchase cards on different sections of the wall their character is physically on. As each section will get a different card from the draw deck, each with their own unique abilities and effects it makes sense to stay mobile. The same idea of having to be on the same wall section applies to attacking Titans too.

If a wall loses all its health points, it is destroyed and the Titans there moves to another wall section. Thematically during the game, a player can even move beyond a wall to take hits from the Titan to protect the wall like in cases of the anime.

So if the anime and manga is not enough of a titanic experience for you, strap on your maneuver gear, put on your Survey Corps. cloaks, ready your blades and start rolling those dice or shuffling those cards to protect the last of humanity!

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