Xiaomi Ultra 12S vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

Clash Of The Flagship Cameras 2022: Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Xiaomi 12S Ultra

There are numerous factors that determine the standards of a flagship smartphone, and camera prowess is one of them. These days, mobile photography has become a handy, reliable tool for content creation, with the bigger models on the market packing in plenty of shooting power, and brands know it, and they go all out in giving consumers the best they have to offer.

Phone camera comparison video done by Bobby Tonelli.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra, armed with Leica technology, makes it a worthy opponent to challenge Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. It features 50.3MP f/1.9, 48MP f/4.1 periscope telephoto and 8MP f/2.2 128º ultra-wide proprietary lens, while the latter sports a 48MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, and 12MP 3x telephoto.

But how do these figures translate to real-world performance? In a shootout between the two top-end models, we conducted a front-facing camera and audio test, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max shooting at 4k @ 24p, and the Xiaomi 12S Ultra at 1080 @ 30p. The rear camera and audio test, meanwhile, saw the former set to 4K and 24p, and the latter at 8K and 24p.

There are some distinctions between them — the iPhone 14 Pro Max boasts great dynamic range and stabilisation, whereas the 12S Ultra impresses with its lack of flare and shallow depth of field in low-light situations. Apple’s latest device also produced punchier reds and more realism, with its Xiaomi counterpart showing more pinkish hues and greater image detail.

Check out the clash of the flagship cameras in the video above.