Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy Movie Posters Gets ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Treatment

If you are a kid of the 90s, there is a high chance that you are familiar with Batman: The Animated Series, regarded as one of the best comic book adaptations ever crafted. To this day, fans continue to voice actors from the show, such as Mark Hamill, to reprise their characters once again.

A fan named Simon took it a step further in October 2018, with his recreations of what Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight movie posters will look like if they were done in the style of the classic Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman fans have stepped forward to heap praises onto Simon and his works of art, with one saying that this (the reimagined version) is the Dark Knight movie they want to watch.

Simon has since gone on to recreate other Batman series into the style of the animated classic. Including, but not limited to, Lego Batman: The Video Game, Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games, and the Batman Noel graphic novel.

If you wish to see more of Simon’s artwork, you can follow him on his Twitter.