CES 2018: Samsung’s New Massive 370cm TV To Launch in 2018

With a name like “The Wall”, you’d expect something large enough to stretch across the large expanse of a wall.

And were visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) tech show in Las Vegas in for a surprise, as Samsung unveiled the world’s first-ever consumer modular MicroLED TV.

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The final consensus? It’s a hulking mass of monstrosity, one definitely lives to its name – but it’s not all just for show, either.

Built to fill up an entire room, The Wall spans across the impressive girth of 370 cm, and uses the latest technology to deliver incredible definition without compromising on the size, resolution, or form. With the MicroLED screen comes higher luminous efficiency, increased durability, and the elimination of colour filters or backlight, which allows for an enhanced viewing experience all around.

The main kicker of the show, however, is The Wall’s ability to be customised according a user’s needs, such as creating a wall-sized display for multiple spaces – and it’s all thanks to Samsung’s modular technology. Since the display is actually composed of many smaller modules that can be rearranged to form unusual dimensions, custom orders are now made available.

The Korean tech giant has yet to reveal pricing details, but considering the already hefty price tag of its 75-inch tellies, it’s highly likely to be very costly. Take into account the high cost that goes into the MicroLED technology, and the affordability factor easily flies out of the window.

Still, it’d be worthwhile the investment for users with some cash to spare, and besides, nothing else can quite compare to the feeling of being in telly nirvana.

Since the beginning of time, rooms have been designed around the displays within. Now, with Samsung’s new tech, you’re able to design the screen based on your needs.