celio* awakens to the Force, so who’s next?

Can we ever have enough Star Wars themed clothes to wear? The movie is not even out yet and we already have not one, not two, but THREE releases of Star Wars branded clothing with French retailer celio* now entering the arena, and available in Singapore.

celio*’s Star Wars range is classy, opting for only whites, blacks and greys. It’s not exactly something that most geeks might aim to grab with their serious tone.

The collared shirts look great with their Vader and First Order Stormtrooper motifs and it’s certainly the best looking that I’ve seen amongst all the themed clothing releases thus far. Price is decent as well at S$49.90.

It’s the tee shirt range that comes off as rather uninspiring. Perhaps it’s because we are pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to this category but the wireframe Stormtrooper design has caught my eye. All tees will be sold at S$35.90 which is the most premium right now in the market.

And finally, let’s talk about underwear. Do we really need more Star Wars themed underwear? That’s just one stereotype that I think fashion retailers should put to rest.

Honestly speaking, I feel that this could be the range that ladies should certainly consider if they’d like to dress their Star Wars obsessed partners. Subtle and classy at the same time.

Their official French website seems to carry a far wider range of products, that even covers Flash Drives, key chains, notebooks, wallets and slippers. Have a browse here.