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Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of LEGO with Uniqlo!

On January 28, 1958, the very first set of LEGO bricks made its way to toy stores and into the hands of excited, wide-eyed children.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic bricks, as well as the 40th anniversary of LEGO minifigures. To commemorate this occasion, Uniqlo is launching their latest LEGO T-shirt collection, with 7 new designs inspired by vintage LEGO packaging and building instructions.

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Interesting designs include the origin of the name LEGO – the Danish phrase “Leg Godt” meaning “play well”, and “System im Spiel”, the German title for LEGO’s 1955 “System of Play” box set.

The T-shirts are retailing for S$19.90 each. For those in Southeast Asia, if you spend a minimum of S$60 (inclusive of one LEGO tee) at Uniqlo, you can redeem a LEGO Reversible Bag for free!

Bright LEGO yellow on one side, and a colourful blocky design on the other, this LEGO Reversible Bag is perfect for storing all your favourite building blocks.

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Shop for your tees at Uniqlo’s massive flagship store at Orchard Central to check out their special LEGO exhibit, with vintage sets from LEGO Basic, LEGO City, and the LEGOLAND series on display for a limited time only.

Uniqlo’s LEGO UT Collection is available now in all Uniqlo stores and online at the Uniqlo website.

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