Celebrate Mario’s 35th Anniversary With Uniqlo’s Latest T-Shirt Collaboration

Mario and Uniqlo are two brands who are not strangers to each other at all. Given their past collaborations, Nintendo’s icon has appeared many times in the past.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics now delayed, one can’t help but wonder if the hype for these tees might have been muted slightly but to us fans it wouldn’t matter much!

Compared to the past designs, this range of Mario centric tees are definitely much better than what we’ve seen from Uniqlo.

Starting off with the hero design, we see Mario printed in gold over an iconic red colour tee.

It looks pretty awesome all round but the “Mushroom Kingdom” text might be a tad excessive.

Next up is a tee with a design approach we’ve seen before in other Uniqlo tees. While it might simply look as if Mario is crouching down for no apparent reason, there’s more than meets the eye.

Tugging the pocket ever so slightly reveals a Bullet Bill soaring overhead. Love the subtle design!

The rest of the tee is simple and plain without having to overtly promote the anniversary too outlandishly.

Here are the rest of the designs for men (sadly, no ladies designs this time round) –

And for the kids –

The range is currently available in Japan and going for ¥990. No word on what it will be coming to the rest of the world but if the trends are consistent, we might see a slightly delayed release.