Castlevania Producer Reveals ‘Marvel Era’ Animation Series That Could Have Been

With the recent success of Disney+’s What If…? animation series, along with a season 2 announced and several more animated series in development, it sure looks like Marvel animated shows have entered the MCU in a big way.

The CEO of Powerhouse Animation, Brad Graeber took to Twitter to share an unmade short-form Marvel animated anthology series which his studio pitched back in 2012. It was called Marvel Era, which was originally intended to launch in 2014 in conjunction with Marvel’s 75th anniversary. Each episode was to take place in a different decade, using a different animation style and feature different superheroes.

Powerhouse Animation is the studio that has been responsible for Netflix’s highly successful Castlevania series, as well as Blood of Zeus and more recently, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

The sizzle reel above gives us a glimpse of what could have been. Perhaps one day such an anthology series could see the light of day on Disney+? We can only hope.