Casio G-Shock x Super Mario

Casio G-Shock Goes Back In Time With Retro ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Special Edition Watch

It’s a-me, a Casio G-Shock x Super Mario Bros. watch! The electronics brand has levelled up its timepiece game to release a themed DW-5600 that perfectly encapsulates the game’s retro roots, from the watch face to the strap.

Known for its rugged aesthetics, the classic model features a bezel and dial finished in Mario’s iconic red hues, with a blue inner ring that matches the sky from the game. The camouflage band, meanwhile, sports multiple 8-bit representations of everyone’s plucky plumber.

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Turn on the LED back light, and a ghostly 8-bit Mario will appear to score a 1UP on the display. Combined with the green Koopa Troopa shell on the base, the design lines up with the iconic jumping move from the game. It’s a nice retro touch, even if the illumination might make it more difficult to read in the dark.

The Casio G-Shock x Super Mario Bros. watch will come in special packaging with an illustration of the game’s opening screen and Mario’s signature phrase, “Here we go!”. It will be available in Japan, North America and Europe through the G-Shock website on 11 November, so fans can wear it to the cinemas when The Super Mario Bros. Movie drops. Unfortunately, there’s no word on local availability just yet.