Bring Home your Very Own Snorlax from Changi Airport!

Amidst all the chaos to snap a picture of Pikachu in action, there’s a certain Pokemon who could use a lot more love. And Changi Airport certainly seems to think so as well.

With a spend of S$60, you stand a chance to bring home everyone’s favourite sleepyhead. The best part of it all, this giant plush will be sent right to your door step. No Poké Flute needed to awaken the beast!

When this Snorlax Plush stands at a height of 1.5m tall and 1.3m wide, and weighs in at 12.0kg, you’d better make space for this plush before bringing him home. It might be a far cry from the 2m tall behemoth that weighs 400kg in game, some things gotta give.


The tricky thing would be to qualify. The contest requires you to spend at least S$60 and be a Changi Rewards Member to enter a draw. However, unlike the other Pokemon plushes available for sale, you’re not able to make a purchase at a supermarket.

So, you’d better be taking some time and making sure there’s something worth buying from the airport especially during this Christmas season.

A total of five Snorlax plush toys will be given away from 18 Nov 2016 to 29 Dec 2016. Winners will be selected fortnightly.
18 Nov 2016 – 2 Dec 2016: 1 winner
3 Dec 2016 – 16 Dec 2016: 2 winners
17 Dec 2016 – 29 Dec 2016: 2 winners

For more details, check out the “Who wants to take me home?” Snorlax contest and scope out the fine print to ensure a successful capture.

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