Join Pikachu and his Pokemon friends to usher in the festive season at Changi Airport!

As we reported earlier this week, Changi Airport was preparing for the holiday season with a dash of Pokemon magic, and we had the opportunity to check things out right at the launch of the festivities!

Arriving at Terminal 3, we were greeted by a parade of life-sized Pikachus, ten to be exact, against a backdrop of an 8-metre tall gingerbread house. Even cooler was the humongous 7-metre tall Pikachu, definitely not a Pocket Monster for sure! With the music blasting, dancing Pikachus, a multi-sensory light show, and even dancing trees, the audience present was entertained to say the least!

Image credit: Dejiki.com

Over at Terminal 2, the distinct lack of everyone’s favourite electric mouse was compensated by another large presence. A life-sized Snorlax installation made for some really fun photos! Across all three terminals, the crowd was buzzing as children partook in Pokemon-themed dance parties and face painting. Game booths and Pokemon treasure hunt sites were aplenty to keep the burgeoning crowd occupied amidst beautiful festive delights throughout the airport.

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It would be a waste if this was a one-off event, thankfully, these larger than life installations and activities will be available for everybody for two more months(till 11 February 2017)!

Image credit: Dejiki.com

If just interacting with the Pokemon is not enough, pay a visit to the merchandise sections, where plushes, figures and other awesome Pokemon-themed items are up for grabs. There are even nine special plushes you can purchase with a minimum sum of $60 spent, and they include Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio from the just released Pokemon Moon and Sun!

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You owe it to yourself and that Pokemon fan inside of you to visit Changi Airport this year-end, bring your family and friends and get ready to have a Poke-ball of a time!

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Image credit: Dejiki.com

Thanks to Dejiki.com for the photos, check out his coverage of the event as well!

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Pokémon at Changi Year-end Festivities

WHERE:  Changi Airport Terminals 3 and 2
WHEN:  18 Nov 2016 to 11 Feb 2017

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