Boyfriend Dungeon, Axiom Verge 2 & More From Nintendo Indie World

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best platforms to play some kickass indie games. Just look at My Friend Pedro, Children of Morta and Untitled Goose Game. At the latest Nintendo Indie World presentation, a slew of new indie hits have been announced, and will hit the Switch sometime in 2020.

Axiom Verge 2 (Fall 2020)

The sequel to the smash hit Metroidvania game Axiom Verge is finally coming next year after a 4-year hiatus. It’s interesting that Axiom Verge 2 was only announced for the Switch, given the fact that the original was available on all current-gen platforms. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas Happ, the dev, ports it over to the other consoles and PC eventually.

Bake ‘n Switch (Summer 2020)

The Overcooked fever has certainly not gone down, with the announcement of Bake ‘n Switch. This title takes a spin on the cooking sim game by adding a slight competitive edge to it. You not only can work as a team, but you’ll also be able to sabotage other players by hitting them on the head! This will certainly be one for those who love something a little more family-friendly and intense.

Boyfriend Dungeon (2020)

This crowdfunded game was certainly a head-turner when it first went up on Kickstarter. The unique blend of dating sim and action RPG is relatively uncharted waters for gamers, so Boyfriend Dungeon has the advantage of being unique in its gameplay.

Dauntless (Available Now)

The free-to-play action RPG Dauntless wowed many when it first debuted on PC, PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year, and now it is coming to the Switch, much to many fans’ delight. The monster-hunting game takes a cue from genre frontrunners Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, but dials down the realism to more cartoony visuals, while retaining the, ahem, daunting challenge of having to down terrible beasts that roam the land.

Dreamscaper (Early 2020)

Another Kickstarted action RPG, but with the interesting allegory of battling depression. Dreamscaper puts you in the shoes of Cassidy, who braves the nightmarish alternate realm of her subconscious as she battles hideous monsters for her sanity. It’s Dark Souls (gameplay) meets Hyperlight Drifter (concept), what more can you not love?

Gleamlight (Early 2020)

Gleamlight is a Japanese platformer, in which the design of the world and its denizens is inspired by the stained glass windows you see in churches, giving it a really atmospheric look. Also, bonus points since it looks a little like Hollow Knight, but we’re hoping it isn’t a mere carbon copy.

Liberated (2020)

If you’re a fan of comic books, noir films, My Friend Pedro, or all of the above, then you’re in for a treat as Liberated provides a really cool blend of all three elements.

Murder by Numbers (2020)

But should you prefer to be on the side of the law, then Murder by Numbers may just be your cup of tea. This 90s-themed detective visual novel game set in Hollywood is brought to you by the geniuses behind Hatoful Boyfriend, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Swords of Ditto. If you’ve played any of the above, you’re sure to enjoy this one.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (January 2020)

Ah, yes, more Oddworld should be a good thing for fans, right? While this may not exactly be a new game set in the unique science-fiction universe, as it’s a port of the original 2005 Xbox game, Stranger’s Wrath should prove a good distraction for fans who are looking forward to Oddworld: Soulstorm next year.

Sail Forth (2020)

Ship combat has always fascinated many of us ever since the likes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This time, we’ll be getting a more focused version of that with Sail Forth, so you can embark on seafaring, swashbuckling adventures to your delight on the go.

Skatebird (Late 2020)

Where Untitled Goose Game gave us the ability to mess around with the neighbourhood as a goose, Skatebird puts you in the shoes (read: claws) of avians who somehow can perform kickflips and somersaults like Tony Hawk. C’mon, if a bird performing tricks on a skateboard isn’t a good enough elevator pitch, we don’t know what is.

Sports Story (Mid 2020)

The sequel to the super cool, super cute RPG Golf Story, Sports Story continues the 16-bit style and expanding on the gameplay by including a host of different othe- sports aside from golf, such as tennis, baseball, and football. Couple that with dungeon crawling and you have yourself an absolute banger of a sports RPG.

Streets of Rage 4 (1st Half 2020)

The long-awaited sequel to the side-scrolling beat-em-up will finally arrive on the Switch in the first half of next year. Many will no doubt have high hopes for Streets of Rage 4, having come after a 25-year hiatus. This particular entry will feature music from some very, very familiar names in the video game industry, so it’s definitely set to punch you in the gut with a truckload of nostalgia.

Supermash (May 2020)

Supermash is for you if you enjoy booting up a game which gives you something different every time. No, literally, as this title allows you to mash two different genres and styles of games to make something unique every single time. Definitely one to watch out for.

The Survivalists (January 2020)

Another game set in The Escapists universe? Sign us up. While performing a prison break with friends is cool, surviving together in a desolate island, not unlike Robinson Crusoe or Tom Hanks in Cast Away, is also just as compelling. The only difference here is you don’t get to make friends with a beat-up volleyball; you make friends with monkeys and train them to aid you in your adventures. Yes, that’s a sentence.

The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (Available Now)

Rounding off the Indie World presentation is the Deluxe Edition of the atmospheric first-person puzzler, The Talos Principle. If you enjoyed this cinematic indie on PC, you’ll most certainly have the urge to buy it again on the Switch. You know you want to.

And that is the list of new and familiar indie games headed to the Nintendo Switch very soon. Don’t forget that Dauntless and The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition are available right now at the Nintendo eShop, so get to it if you haven’t already.

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