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‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 In The Works At Netflix

According to Variety, Netflix is developing Season 6 of Black Mirror, which last aired its Season 5 on Netflix back in June 2019. Plot and details haven’t been revealed but casting is underway. Show creator Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones will be producing the new instalment through their Broke and Bones production company.

The new season will have more episodes than the three for Season 5, and each will be more cinematic in scope and can stand as an individual film.

Black Mirror is a British anthology series that explores contemporary techno-paranoia, with most of its stories set in near-future dystopias governed by science fiction technology, with Season 6 set to continue in the same tone.

Black Mirror has 22 episodes across five seasons and one interactive film, Bandersnatch. It has won eight Emmy Awards, including three consecutive Outstanding Television Movie awards for San Junipero and USS Calister episodes as well as Bandersnatch.