Big Bang Theory Rolls A D20 Critical Hit With New Dungeons & Dragons Episode

In a proper geeky sendoff for the popular long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory, there’ll be an episode centred around the renowned tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, slated to air later this year.

This episode will feature a large ensemble cast of guest characters, some recurring and some new faces. Returning to the fray will be former Stany By Me star Wil Wheaton, who plays a version of himself that’s a longtime nemesis for Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper. He’s also an avid D&D player, making appearances in a variety of D&D-related shows, as well as hosting a popular tabletop game and board game show called Tabletop for well over six years now.

The newcomers include Joe Manganiello (Justice LeagueTrue BloodHow I Met Your Mother), who also happens to be a megafan of D&D, guest-starring in a lot of D&D-related shows over the past few years, started a D&D-themed streetwear line called Death Saves, wrote the foreword to D&D‘s art anthology, Art & Arcana, and, even more recently, started up a D&D club in a children’s hospital.

Another big new addition to this star-studded list is William Shatner, whom many of you might fondly remember as the iconic Captain Kirk in Star Trek. Among all the Star Trek alumni that have guest-starred in the show over BBT‘s twelve seasons (Wheaton above included), Shatner’s inclusion may well be one of the biggest.

Joining him will be director/producer and, most importantly, proud geek Kevin Smith (The FlashSupergirl), and former NBA superstar Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the latter of which is an interesting choice to feature, having not being really known for enjoying tabletop gaming previously.

In any case, these sure are incredibly famous people coming on to pretend to be elves, wizards, and orcs, banding together, slaying monsters and looking cool — all in their collaborative imagination. This isn’t the first time Big Bang Theory has done an outright D&D-themed episode, though, with the first one having been aired in season six, where it featured just the main cast playing the roleplaying game.

This time, the ante will definitely be upped, with the inclusion of the big names above.

While it remains to be seen to what extent Dungeons & Dragons will feature on the episode, all we can say is to prepare for some epic dice-rolling and pretend-spellcasting action in the leadup to an epic farewell to Big Bang Theory!

If you’re a fan of a combination of any of the above, you’ll probably be doing something like this: