BenQ ZOWIE 4K Gaming Monitor

BenQ Launches World’s First TN 360Hz DyAc+ ZOWIE Monitor & 4K Gaming Projector

Watch out, BenQ is levelling up the gaming scene with a couple of “World’s Firsts”!

ZOWIE XL2566K Gaming Monitor


On the esports side of things, BenQ’s ZOWIE line of gaming monitors have become the most used monitors by FPS pro players worldwide. ZOWIE has announced its first TN 360Hz DyAc+ gaming monitor XL2566K — the latest flagship model offering competitive gamers optimised smoothness and fast response times.

DyAC+ (or Dynamic Accuracy) is the brand’s exclusive technology designed to reduce motion blur in LCD screens. For example, this can help improve recoil control in CS:GO by reducing vigorous screen shaking in-game. It can also help make backgrounds look less blurry in a fast-paced game of Valorant, so that players will be able to see enemies more clearly. These might seem like minimal upgrades, but for a competitive players, it could mean the difference between winning or losing.

The new XL2566K is committed to providing players with a comfortable and convenient playing experience, and is highly customisable. The monitor boasts a smaller base than the previous XL2546 model, while featuring height and angle adjustment. This gives gamers more space to play, at their desired comfortable viewing angles. The monitor is also equipped with the latest XL Setting to Share software that enables users to save and share video profiles quickly and conveniently through a simple user interface.

The ZOWIE XL2566K TN 360Hz DyAc+ 24.5 Inch Gaming Monitor will available in Singapore in December and will sell for S$1,069.

BenQ X3000i Gaming Projector

For those who truly want to immerse themselves in their games, the BenQ X3000i 4LED 4K gaming projector offers an opportunity to play games on a massive 150-inch virtual screen.

BenQ X3000i 4LED 4K gaming projector

The X3000i is the World’s First 4LED 4K HDR Gaming Projector, featuring 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut, true 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, high 3000-lumen visual brightness. What’s more, the projector has a combination of HDR10, HLG, and Dynamic Black that provides striking high contrast and crisp details even in dark areas. As such, gamers can expect incredibly vivid and accurate colours alongside sharp visuals.

With regards to audio, the projector houses in-built 5W x 2 treVolo chamber speakers that make use of dynamic Bongiovi DPS tech, to produce clear sounds and deep bass for a truly immersive 360-degree surround experience.

Most importantly, the X3000i emphasises low latency and minimal response times, from 16ms for console games at 4K resolution down to 4ms with a 240hz refresh rate. So players can enjoy natural-feeling gameplay without worrying about input lag.

The projector offers dual HDMI 2.0B ports that support the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. For PC gamers, the ports can also be used to connect to your home theatre system. This gives players an immersive big screen experience across platforms and genres.

The BenQ X3000i 4LED 4K gaming projector is available on Shopee and Lazada for S$3,499.