Bayonetta 3 Finally Debuts Gameplay In New Trailer, Set For 2022 Release

The latest Nintendo Direct has given us a big surprise aside from the stacked Super Mario Bros. Animated Film, with Bayonetta 3 finally appearing once again after almost four years. The new trailer for Bayonetta 3 pegs the Platinum Games‘ action title for a 2022 release.

Armed with a fresh look, everyone’s favourite witch is bringing her brand of sexy action back. First revealed back in 2017, the gaming world has certainly been starved for meaningful information about the next game in the series. In current circumstances, it would not be a surprise if the game was having development trouble, but all things seem to be going well at the moment.

The new Bayonetta 3 trailer sees an awesome kaiju battle in the making, alongside pitiful soldiers that can do little against the hulking beast terrorising what looks like Tokyo. Enter our heroine with a kaiju of her own and an epic battle looks set to kick off.

The development team has consistently maintained that the development of the game has been going fine. Worries were not unfounded, what with the leaving of Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto and the studio’s work on other projects like Babylon’s Fall.

The witch with the transforming hair has not gotten a new game for seven years. and the 2022 release of Bayonetta 3 will be warmly welcomed.

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