Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access Will Be Available On Mac, But Be Prepared To Set Aside 150GB

Despite not being widely known as a gaming platform, the Mac still has some games that can be played on it, including Minecraft and League of Legends. Now, it looks like Baldur’s Gate 3 will soon be added to the list. 

News of this came via Larian Studios, who tweeted the news, seemingly out of nowhere, that the game will be available for early access on Google Stadia, Steam, and GoG, will also be available on Mac platforms from 6 October, 10am PT

Whether you intend to play it on PC or Mac, users will have to keep in mind that Baldur’s Gate 3 takes up a whopping 150GB of storage space. So players planning to run the game on their entry-level MacBooks, which usually start out with only 128GB of storage space, might not be able to join the early access. 

Despite its limitations, this move is still a welcome one as it opens the game up to a wider audience. It’ll just be a matter of seeing how many Mac users will be able to get the game on their platform. 

According to Larian Studios, the game’s first act, which will be released during the early access, is already fleshed out, but the second and third acts are not, which is why they still are unable to give a definite release date for the game. 

That said, early players will still definitely have a lot to look forward to, with access to five Origin characters, as well as 16 races and six classes to better build your character.