Chloë Moretz Starring In Amazon’s Adaptation Of William Gibson’s The Peripheral

Chloë Grace Moretz is starring in a brand new Amazon series titled The Peripheral. Based on William Gibson’s book of the same name, The Peripheral is a science fiction mystery-thriller that involves multiple futures, alternate timelines and two different main characters. Moretz is understood to be playing a character named Flynne (via Variety).

the peripheral

Flynne is a woman living in America who witnesses a murder while watching what she initially believed was a virtual reality feed. She is a woman trying to hold together the pieces of her broken family and is smart, ambitious and doomed.

Better known for her roles in Kickass and Stephen King’s Carrie, the 22-year old actress has been away from the movie and acting scene in a while but is recently making a comeback with her latest films Greta and Suspiria. She will next be seen in Roseanne Liang’s Shadow in the Cloud.

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Chloë Moretz
Chloë Moretz as Carrie

Moretz is also currently in production for sci-fi thriller feature Mother/Android and is set to star in the live-action adaptation of the Tom and Jerry cartoon.

The Peripheral will be written, produced and run by A Simple Plan‘s Scott B.Smith and directed by Vincenzo Natali (Cube). Westworld duo Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are serving as executive producers to the series.

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