‘Avatar 4’ Left Executives Speechless, Had No Studio Notes

Emotions are running at an all-time high for fans of the Avatar franchise with the latest release of its second instalment, The Way of Water, as they wonder if the film would break even against its astronomical production cost.

Hopes for a successful box office heighten as director James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) teased that the franchise’s fourth instalment is the that will leave audiences clinging onto their seats. His confidence stems from the script of Avatar 4 returning to him without a single note from studio executives.

The return of a clean script is exceptionally of high praise with The Way of Water having returned with three pages of notes, and Avatar 3 with one. Cameron had written both scripts of Avatar 3 and 4 before the filming of The Way of Water, following the model Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong) used when working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. By mapping out the entire series, it made it easier for directors to show and explain to actors of their characters’ entire development arc.

Excitement from fans soon turned into mixed feelings with the looming thought that there could be a chance that this ‘perfect’ script might never make it into production should the recently released second instalment fall short in ticket sales.

Cameron also revealed that Avatar 3 has already been fully shot, with the film being structured in a way that it could be viewed as a conclusion to a trilogy or a stepping point for the next instalment.